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Newport Charter Review Raises Interesting Questions!

Newport Daily News – Op Ed Page January 11, 2014 page A6 In keeping with the old adage that all politics  is local, residents of Newport have the opportunity to take a stand on several national issues during its charter review process. Such issues include term limits for city councilors, restricting campaign contributions to only those who can vote in municipal elections, reducing the size of local government and increasing or decreasing the powers of the city manager or the city council.   READ MORE HERE about Charter Review Is it time to limit the terms of both elected and senior appointed officials? Would such a change infuse new thinking and help revitalize the city? What if city council members serve for four years instead of two — would this benefit  the community?  If there were six councilors from wards, would this be more democratic and representative? Would the democratic election process improve by restricting campaign donations to those who can vote in municipal elections? Is the manager-city council form of government  the best for Newport? What if we elected a mayor to run the city? Would this bring the citizens closer to those in charge of daily activities? What powers should the […]


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