NewportReady – Hurricane Sandy – preparations for Newport!

Great advice from NewportReady

Newport Ready
Newport Ready

— Read the city’s new checklist at

— Read the federal hurricane checklist at

— Keep these city phone #s handy:

  • Fire 846-2211
  • Police 847-1212

Yes, 911 service can be get disrupted.

— If you have a neighbor or friend with special needs, help them
signed up through the state system at
This info gets shared with Newport FD.

— Register your cellphone # with CodeRed so you get city CodeRed
messages should your cable phone service die.

— Find a way to recharge your cell phone … perhaps it’s through a
neighbor with a generator … or a 12 volt recharge cable that you can
get at any cellphone store.

— Gas up the car(s)and get the obligatory milk and bread.

— Ask your local neighborhood association what services they might be able to offer should you be on your own for 72 hours (per the statement made in the city’s checklist).

— Join to stay better connected with your immediate neighborhood.

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Safety is Newport’s Number One Priorty, Mayor Says

The Mayor and City Manager held a press conference on Monday to address safety in Newport.

Harry Winthrop, Mayor and Jane Howington, City Manager

In light of recent assault reports, including a 42-year-old woman attacked on Ruggles Avenueand a group of boys victim of attempted robbery,Newport Mayor Harry Winthrop and City Manager Jane Howington called a second press conference to address the public’s perception of safety in Newport.

The meeting was also attended by Newport City Council members.

“The number one priority in Newport is public safety. We will deploy whatever resources necessary,” Winthrop said.

As for added safety measures due to assault reports and rumors, Howington said that there are officers in the police department that can be moved around to different areas that could be hot spots for random assaults.

“If there is a hot spot and we have leads, we’ll put plain clothes officers out there,” she said.

Howington said the city will also hire a public information consultant using an emergency purchase order to further communication between the city and the community.

Councilor Kathryn Leonard said she would like to see the city be proactive rather than reactionary. “I would like to see unmarked cars. . .and beat police men. I don’t want to wait for another assault.”

Howington added that the city is taking the recent assaults in Newport so seriously because of the growing perception that the community is unsafe. That perception has been perpetuated by social media and blogs, she said.

The community would also benefit from resurrecting the neighborhood watch mentality. “If you see something, say something,” she said.

As for added police efforts, Councilor Justin McLaughlin said the community should trust that the police department are being transparent, up to some point.

“The police department can’t reveal everything,” he said.

The Newport Police Department is currently analyzing crime data to determine what, if any, if any areas in town have patterns of random assaults.

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