November 14th @ 6pm Free Public Forum – City of Newport Commissions

Your voice, your community, your opinion matters! Join us for a lively discussion of important issues affecting Newport, Rhode Island residents, neighborhoods, friends and family.

Alliance for a Livable Newport
– Free Public Forum –
City of Newport Commissions

“I don’t think I’m interested in Newport’s Historic District Commission or its Zoning Board of Review.”

Think again!

  • If you own or are thinking of buying property in Newport’s Historic District…
  • If you are thinking about possibly changing the use of your Newport property or altering its outside appearance ….
  • If you own a business anywhere in the city…
  • If you live in an area where a change in zoning might occur…

You SHOULD be interested in learning more about:

1)   the Historic District Commission
2)   the Zoning Board of Review

The Alliance for a Livable Newport will present the second in a series of public forums featuring Newport’s various Boards and Commissions.

The panel discussion will be followed by questions from the audience.

Questions may be sent in advance to:

To learn more about The City of Newport Boards and Commissions <click here>

The panel will feature:

  • Rebecca McSweeney, Chair of theZoning Board of Review
  • John Shehan, Chair of theHistoric District Commission 
  • Matt Weintraub, Historic Planner for the City of Newport

For additional information on ALN or this Forum, contact: Isabel Griffith – Office of the President –

Did you know that all ALN Public Forums are video taped and available publicly for viewing at any time? <click here to view the archive>

Bring a neighbor, tell a friend!

Please join us!


Thursday, November 14
6:00 – 7:30pm


Newport Public Library
Program Room
300 Spring Street
Newport, RI 02840

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ALN public forum – Newport Daily News article Oct. 31, page 1

Neighbors air concerns over plan for marina

By Sean Flynn  Staff writer Newport Daily News

newport_daily_newsNEWPORT — A new 25-slip marina the Hyatt Regency Newport hotel is proposing to build northeast of Goat Island would have floating docks 100 to 150 feet offshore so as not to interfere with the eelgrass beds along the shoreline, according to the marina’s designer.  SEE the FORUM VIDEO HERE

Gus Kreuzkamp, owner and master engineer of Harbor Engineering LLC of Barrington, presented the marina plans to more than two dozen people who gathered at the Newport Public Library Wednesday night for a forum sponsored by the Alliance for a Livable Newport. Most of those who attended are residents of the Point, the neighborhood just opposite the proposed marina site. Bart Dunbar, who lives on Bridge Street, brought up the eelgrass buffer zone because he believes the marina would “stick out egregiously into public waters.”

The state Coastal Resources Management Council “could allow the marina closer to shore above the eelgrass,” Dunbar said. It depends on how many people on the council are “eelgrass supporters,” he said.

Kreuzkamp disagreed. The project requires both federal and state approval, he said. In his discussions with a representative of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, it was clear “there is no way to get floats over an eelgrass area,” he said. “It’s a non-starter to do anything over or near eelgrass. The National Marine and Fisheries Service is very protective of these fields.”

Eelgrass beds serve as nurseries for many species of economically important fish and shellfish.

Kreuzkamp and Bob Lacasse, the Hyatt’s general manager, heard neighborhood concerns and fielded questions for close to two hours at the forum. They met privately two weeks ago with residents of the Point to make sure they knew the hotel will not permit Jet Skis, cigar boats, parasailing or loud parties at the marina because they would disturb hotel guests as well as nearby residents. 

Lacasse emphasized that point during the forum.

“Our clients want to get out of New York and enjoy the tranquility of Newport,” he said. “They do not want to run into cigar boats here.”

The marina would provide potential clients with docking space for their yachts, he said.

“All we are looking for is an on opportunity to increase our business,” he said.

The marina plans were presented this month to the city’s Waterfront Commission and the Planning Board. The City Council plans to hold a public hearing on the plans at its regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 13, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Isabel Griffith, president of the Alliance for a Livable Newport, said the Planning Board has recommended the number of slips be reduced from 25 to 15 and that there be a public dinghy dock at the marina.

“The two boards approved the plan with reservations, limitations and recommendations,” she said. Councilman Justin S. McLaughlin said the council would receive the reports of the Waterfront Commission and the Planning Board, and make its own recommendations on what requirements and conditions should be imposed on the proposed marina.

“It is unlikely the council would vote against the proposal,” he said. Ward 1 Councilman Marco T. Camacho, who represents the area that would be impacted by the marina, also was present at the forum and responded to residents’ concerns. While the Coastal Resources Management Council will take the city’s recommendations into consideration, it is CRMC that will make the final decision, the council members said.

The council and City Manager Jane Howington will be requesting that CRMC hold a public hearing on the proposal in Newport, McLaughlin said.

The earliest the marina would be open for business would be the boating season of 2015, Kreuzkamp said.

Some residents of the Point were concerned about the size of the boats that would be docked at the marina. The Hyatt’s plan showed the outline of two 100-foot-long boats at the outer dock. The Planning Board is recommending boat lengths be limited to 50 feet, Griffith said.

The city maintains a mooring field offshore of Goat Island, and four of the moorings will be relocated, as agreed to by Newport Harbor master Tim Mills, Kreuzkamp said, so there is at least a 150-foot channel between the docked boats and the mooring field. From the edge of the easternmost dock to the mooring field would be 194 feet. Boats would be tied parallel to the dock so they would not interfere with the channel, he said.

Some residents were concerned about fueling operations at the marina. Lacasse said no fueling would be allowed.

Others were concerned about possible sewage spills from the boats, since people swim, kayak and paddleboard from the piers along the Point shoreline. Kreuzkamp said there would be an efficient pump-out station at the marina and modern boats are designed to avoid such spills.

Not all Point residents present were opposed to the marina plan.

John Shea, president of the Driftwood Condominium Association, said “most of the condo owners are in favor of the marina.” The condominiums are on the waterfront near the Elm Street Pier and face the Hyatt.

“We’d love to see the company make that shoreline more appealing,” he said.

Lauren Carson, a resident of the Point and a member of the city’s Energy and Environment Commission, said the marina should be a “green.”

“I’d love to see this become a sustainable marina,” she said.

Lacasse and Kreuzkamp said that is their goal as well.

“Absolutely,” Kreuzkamp said.



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Engage Newport with Jimmy Winters and Wayne Clark, Police Department and Fire Department


NEWPORT, R.I. (October 5, 2012) – Coming soon to a local gathering place near you: Engage Newport, a series of community outreach “open houses”, hosted by the City of Newport, packed with fun, facts and even a bit of food.

The Engage Newport events will be held:

  • Thursday, October 11th at the Quaker Meeting House (corner of Farewell and Marlborough
    Streets) 6pm-8pm
  • Saturday, October 20th at Fort Adams (inside the Fort on the parade field) 9:30am-11:30am
  • Tuesday, October 23rd at the City of Newport Maritime Center, 365 Thames St. (waterside
    entrance of the Armory) 6pm-8pm
  • Saturday, October 27th at the Rotunda at Easton’s Beach 10am – noon

During Engage Newport residents will have an opportunity to discover more about their City’s services and plans for the future and what they do and don’t know about their city all while having fun engaging with the City by the Sea.

There will be activities for all the family to enjoy including fire rescue demonstrations, what services are available at the library, how to reconnect a lost pet with its owner all while taking part in quizzes that will see how much you know about your home town. If you have questions on what to do in an emergency, how to register to vote, what you can recycle or what the rules are for bicycles; then come along and get engaged!

For more information please contact us at (401) 845-5473 or

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October 24th 5:30 – Newport, RI Bonds and Referenda’s “explained”!

Bond and Referenda Night

Come hear presentations and ask questions about the upcoming bonds and referendas

The people listed below will be speaking on behalf of each question on the ballot: (scroll down)

Date: 10/24/2012 
Time: 5:30 PM TO 8:30 PM

Community College of RI-Newport County Campus
1 John H. Chafee Blvd
Newport, RI 02840


Event Description: Why should you invest in Rhode Island? 

Come hear presentations and ask questions about the upcoming bonds and referendas

The following people will be speaking on behalf of each question on the ballot:

-Kate Brezina, Rhode Island College (Higher Education Facilities)

-Joe Dias, Department of Environmental Management

-Tony Simeone, Clean Water Finance Agency 

-Ginny Hanson, Honors for Vets (Veterans’ Homes)

-Jeff Taylor, Mayforth Group  (Affordable Housing)

-Diane Hurley, CEO Newport Grand (Table Gaming)

-Fr. Frank McKenna, retired Priest-St. Lucy’s (Table Gaming Opposition)

5:30-6:00 Coffee and light refreshments

6:00-8:30 discussions

Newport City Council Candidates Forum Thursday, October 18, 7:00 PM!

Logo 2
ALN Public Forum
Quick Links:

Like us on Facebook

Alliance For A Livable Newport

Newport City Council Candidates Forum

Thursday, October 18
7:00 PM
(doors open at 6:30 p.m.)

Newport City Council Chambers
Newport City Hall
43 Broadway, Newport, RI

Alliance For A Livable Newport, with the support of the League of Women Voters Rhode Island Education Fund, will host the candidates for the contested Newport City Council seats – At Large and First Ward. The candidates will be questioned about key issues facing the City of Newport now and in the near future. Come hear the candidates’ views as you make your voting decisions for the November elections.

 Free and Open to the Public

Alliance for a Livable Newport             
Isabel Griffith, President



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ALN Issues Apology Letter for Casino Forum

Letter to the Editor for Isabel Griffith, President of the Alliance for a Livable Newport.

To the Editor,

Father Eugene McKenna
far right; Father Eugene McKenna

On September 13, Alliance For A Livable Newport, in keeping with its mission of providing unbiased information on issues of importance to Newport residents, property owners and businesses, sponsored a forum on the Casino Table Games question that will appear on the November election ballot. Our intent was to present a level playing field of information with a speaker in favor of allowing Newport Grand to add table gambling games to their present slot machine gambling, a speaker against the proposal and a third speaker to present an unbiased review of the economic issues.

Two of our three goals were met with Diane Hurley ably presenting the case in favor of expanded gambling and Father Eugene McKenna ably presenting arguments against the expansion. Unfortunately, the third speaker, URI Professor Edward Mazze, presented only the pro-gambling side of the economic picture. That was not our intent and we apologize to our audience, those in the CCRI auditorium and those viewing subsequently on Public Access TV and on ALN’s website, and especially to Father McKenna for putting him at a disadvantage on the forum panel.

On the plus side, the majority of members of the live audience demonstrated through their questions and comments during the Q&A session following the panel’s prepared remarks that they were opposed to any expansion of gambling in Newport. That restored some balance to the evening.

We want to assure ALN’s followers that we will make every effort to maintain a level playing field for critical and controversial issues at future ALN forums.


Isabel Griffith

President, Alliance for a Livable Newport

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Video of Alliance for a Livable Newport (RISC) Forum on Table Games at Newport Grand

Alliance for a Livable Newport (RISC) Forum on Table Games at Newport Grand

Image 01 Forum Introduction
Alliance for a Livable Newport:
Pros and Cons of a Proposed Casino Gaming at Newport Grand
Mr. Michael P. Kehew conducts the forum
Image 01 Panel introduced:
Dr. Edward Mazze – Economic Impact
Ms. Diane Hurley – CEO Newport Grand
Fr. Eugene McKenna – ALN
Image 01 Dr. Mazze addresses the audience regarding the economic impact of gambling in and around Rhode Island.
Image 01 Ms. Diane Hurley presents the history of the Newport Grand and the case for adding table gaming equipment.
Image 01 Father Eugene McKenna presents the history of the Alliance for a Livable Newport and the case against allowing a dedicated gambling facility in Newport.
Image 01Ms. Hurley responds to several of Fr. McKenna’s points pointing out the Self Exclusion Program in place for the benefit of addicted gamblers.Dr. Mazze responds regarding the poor state of employment in RI.
Image 01 Q&A session with the public
Image 01 Question regarding the future vision of the Casino prompted responses from all three members of the panel
Image 01 Session wrap up

Play All Image 01

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ALN Forum; ” Switching to Single Stream Recycling” 5/15/12

ALN Public Forum

Quick Links:

Like us on Facebook


 Switching to Single Stream Recycling

 A Public Forum sponsored by Alliance for Livable Newport and The Newport Energy & Environment Commission

The Alliance for Livable Newport will hold a Public Forum to introduce the new “single-stream” sorting and recycling system being implemented in Newport beginning in June 2012. “Single Stream” will allow households to combine their recycling into one container rather than separating it.

 The Forum will also explain how to reduce difficult items in the waste stream (such as paint, mattresses, light bulbs, batteries, etc.) and discuss new ways of sharing the burden of managing solid waste among Newport residents, the City and the producers of hard to handle waste which is filling up the Johnston landfill at increased costs to towns and municipalities.

Speakers will include:

Sarah Kite, Director of Recycling Services, Rhode Island Resource and Recovery Corp

Kristin Littlefield, Clean Cities Coordinator, City of Newport

Ellie Leonardsmith, RI Clean Water Action

Victor Bell, President, Environmental Packaging International


The Newport Public Library Program Room

300 Spring Street

Newport, RI 02840

Tuesday May 15, 2012 at  6:00 – 7:30 p.m.


 Lauren Carson

 Alliance for Livable Newport

 Newport Energy and Environment Commission


Please  join us for this informative event.

Free and Open to the Public

For more information or to submit questions,  please e-mail:

Alliance for a Livable Newport             
Isabel Griffith, President 
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