Question #1 Responses – January Survey “3 Questions, 3 Minutes”

Question #1:

Safety in the schools is a hot issue in the aftermath of continuing gun violence in public places.

What plans would you support to insure the safety in public schools and other public places?

Answer Count Percent
20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
1. Locked doors; armed security guards 30 16.48%
2. Mandatory defense training for all teachers and school staff 30 16.48%
3. Outlaw automatic weapons, assault rifles, and magazines/clips holding more than 10 rounds; and make background checks mandatory for all gun sales 95 52.20%
4. Other 27 14.84%
Total 182 100%

Metal detectors; but no armed guards, please.
This is a very rare event. Kids are just as likely to get struck by lightning at a football game (it does happen). RI has a high level of gun control. I think we are doing all we reasonably can.
I do not think we need armed guards and training of school staff should be of a preventative nature – they should not be armed, but nonlethal items such as mace and tear gas maybe necessary. Each school should have an emergency plan and conduct drills so everyone knows what to do in event of an attack. Every exterior door should be locked with the main entrance door electronically controlled with the lobby of each school constructed to serve as a containment area from which visitors may not pass without inspection. Each class room should be a safe haven with lockable solid core door controlled by the teacher or a master switch at the entry and every classroom should have an alternate escape route to the outside. While we can do the above, lets remember that gun control and reporting and follow-up of abnormal behavior are also factors. School security is not the sole answer.
Locked doors and stricter gun laws
Locked doors…secuirity guards without guns
Locked doors, police detail outside school at opening and closing times.
There are innumerable retired, well trained service men and woman who would gladly be sworn in to volunteer to stand watch at public schools. This needn’t be a burden and further expense on the community but it is a necessary but unfortunate step in the direction of safety and security for school children.
Preserve our right to sovereignty as democratic citizens but require arms to be kept in gun clubs, armories, and other non-governmental places under civic oversight. Require civic achievement and service of those seeking gun permits.
Teacher should not carry guns in schools sends out the wrong message they are there to teach.
Teach conflict resolution, non-violence in schools across the nation. The idea that we would all be safer if we all carried assault weapons is absurd – what, we should whip out our guns as a first resort?
Outlawing guns entirely within city limits would be the best option.
Lockable steel doors on all rooms. A wireless personal alarm, pepper spray and maybe taser guns for staff. A security plan in place.
For schools and other public spaces, some kind of alarm system that can be activated in multiple places in the event of a threat.
Whatever we can do to stop this senseless violence!
Locked doors. Offer free training for teachers and staff interested, after school on their own time.
Increased police presence in the area of schools
Appoint a school safety officer to assist local schools with the development of plans and strategies to make the schools safer. Plans should include responses to bullying, and identification of and assistance to troubled students.
Have classes in peaceful conflict resolution.
Special training for all teachers to enable them to enact standard procedures in the event of an event. Further, there should be drills.
Locked doors in school. Less sensationalism of the perpetrator by the press. They win. We DO NOT need to make him a celebrity. What were the gun assaults before and what have they been since. As a society we need more caring, less hate and violence. Life in America is full of entertainment violence and degradation of society. When are we going to become an intelligent and caring society. TRASH SELLS???? at what long term costs??? Integrity is gone from most aspects of society.
Approve H.R. 93, the Fire Sale Loophole Closing Act, on January 3, 2013. Under current federal law, gun dealers whose licenses are revoked may convert their inventory to personal collections, to be sold without conducting background checks on purchasers. The Fire Sale Loophole Closing Act would end this dangerous practice.Support a comprehensive assault weapons ban, and legislation, H.R. 138, introduced by Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) to prohibit the transfer or possession of assault-style large capacity ammunition feeding devices. I have also co-sponsored legislation, H.R. 142, to require ammunition be sold only by licensed dealers through in person transactions; to close the gun show loophole, H.R. 141; and legislation, H.R. 137, to ensure that all individuals who should be prohibited from buying a firearm are listed in the national instant criminal background check system and require a background check on all firearm sales.
I’ve checked the locked doors/ armed security guard box, but only because I agree with the locked doors element. I am not persuaded that the security environment in Newport provides a basis for instituting an armed guard paradigm.
Metal detectors
Locked doors at all entrances and all classrooms.
Defense training for teachers and school staff – but no weapons!
Any household having guns should let the schools be aware of that fact.
More studies should be done as to how to recognize signs of a person with mental or emotional problems which might lead to harm being done to others.
If studies prove that violent video games, tv shows and movies lead to violent behaviour then they should be banned.
Teachers, Principals, School Staff should all be trained in how to treat each other and their students with respect, and they should demand respect from their students towards them and towards their peers. Lack of respect and civility in today’s society is rampant. Let’s try amending this flaw.
We find ourselves in this situation because we are willing to sacrifice community safety for individual freedom. This is an ongoing dilemma, a function of American history and culture. I believe there is really no way to “solve” this problem; we will simply have to live with it.


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