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March Survey Question #3 “Affordable Housing”

Scroll down to see all survey responses…   [Yes] Unless the $40-60,000 family is capable of putting a significant downpayment, their income will be stretched to the breaking point by mortgage, property tax, utilities and general maintenance. [No] If the average price for a home in Newport is $350,000 there should be plenty of homes for less than that…some even in the $150,000 range, affordable on an income of $50,000. True, a family would have to save up for the down payment. [Yes] I suspect this is true. It is a combination of market values, and tighter loan rules. At the higher end of this range it is possible to buy something for less than 300,000 but the available stock in that range is limited. [No] It is the american dream to own a home, there will be a way to purchase a home if someone is willing work and save. [No] They may not be able to choose any neighborhood, but there are affordable properties. Still less affordable than neighboring towns. [Yes] But there already is enough “affordable” and low income housing in Newport already…the highest proportion in the State…18%. The average wage owner with kids probably doesn’t look […]


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Posted by NewportAlliance - March 10, 2013 at 12:46 pm

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