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November 14th @ 6pm Free Public Forum – City of Newport Commissions

Your voice, your community, your opinion matters! Join us for a lively discussion of important issues affecting Newport, Rhode Island residents, neighborhoods, friends and family. Alliance for a Livable Newport – Free Public Forum – City of Newport Commissions “I don’t think I’m interested in Newport’s Historic District Commission or its Zoning Board of Review.” Think again! If you own or are thinking of buying property in Newport’s Historic District… If you are thinking about possibly changing the use of your Newport property or altering its outside appearance …. If you own a business anywhere in the city… If you live in an area where a change in zoning might occur… You SHOULD be interested in learning more about: 1)   the Historic District Commission 2)   the Zoning Board of Review The Alliance for a Livable Newport will present the second in a series of public forums featuring Newport’s various Boards and Commissions. The panel discussion will be followed by questions from the audience. Questions may be sent in advance to: To learn more about The City of Newport Boards and Commissions <click here> The panel will feature: Rebecca McSweeney, Chair of theZoning Board of Review John Shehan, Chair of theHistoric District Commission  Matt Weintraub, Historic Planner for the City of […]


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ALN public forum – Newport Daily News article Oct. 31, page 1

Neighbors air concerns over plan for marina By Sean Flynn  Staff writer Newport Daily News NEWPORT — A new 25-slip marina the Hyatt Regency Newport hotel is proposing to build northeast of Goat Island would have floating docks 100 to 150 feet offshore so as not to interfere with the eelgrass beds along the shoreline, according to the marina’s designer.  SEE the FORUM VIDEO HERE Gus Kreuzkamp, owner and master engineer of Harbor Engineering LLC of Barrington, presented the marina plans to more than two dozen people who gathered at the Newport Public Library Wednesday night for a forum sponsored by the Alliance for a Livable Newport. Most of those who attended are residents of the Point, the neighborhood just opposite the proposed marina site. Bart Dunbar, who lives on Bridge Street, brought up the eelgrass buffer zone because he believes the marina would “stick out egregiously into public waters.” The state Coastal Resources Management Council “could allow the marina closer to shore above the eelgrass,” Dunbar said. It depends on how many people on the council are “eelgrass supporters,” he said. Kreuzkamp disagreed. The project requires both federal and state approval, he said. In his discussions with a representative of the […]


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Video of Public Forum proposed Hyatt Marina + Detailed Engineering Plans

  20131010_Hyatt Dock_Presentation Set < click to download Hyatt Marina Engineering Drawings, design, plans   Hyatt Marina Proposal from Alliance for Livable Newport on Vimeo.   Proposed Goat Island Hyatt Hotel Marina October 2013  Preliminary Design, Details, Drawings for your review The images shown below illustrate the plans for a new marina filed by the Hyatt Hotel on Goat Island. These development plans and proposals have been or will be shared with various officials, groups, organizations, departments and individuals including: The Newport City Council The Waterfront Commission The Planning Board CRMC (RI Coastal Resources Management Council) – Newport Harbormaster The Point Association of Newport, Rhode Island At those meetings, questions are answered and comments offered about the appropriateness of the facility. The ALN Public Forum on October 30 – 6:00 to 7:30pm at the Newport Public Library will provide an opportunity for the public to see these plans, drawings, designs and images, make comments, and have their questions answered by members of the Hyatt Hotel administration and staff.  


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Needed: wise Newport citizens willing to serve on Newport Zoning Board of Review

There is an immediate opening on the Zoning Board, and only one candidate currently available. There are openings coming up on several other Newport boards & commissions. Anyone who has served on a Newport board, this is a rewarding exercise in citizenship, as well as a good way of learning more about how our City functions, and about all of its neighborhoods. Please consider the need for wise heads on the Zoning Board, and either volunteer or spread the word. Board and Commission members are appointed by the City Council and applications are handled through the Mayor’s Office. Contact Raphe Sciola to learn more at 845-5437 or email: . The application form is also available on the City’s website: .


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March Survey Question #3 “Affordable Housing”

Scroll down to see all survey responses…   [Yes] Unless the $40-60,000 family is capable of putting a significant downpayment, their income will be stretched to the breaking point by mortgage, property tax, utilities and general maintenance. [No] If the average price for a home in Newport is $350,000 there should be plenty of homes for less than that…some even in the $150,000 range, affordable on an income of $50,000. True, a family would have to save up for the down payment. [Yes] I suspect this is true. It is a combination of market values, and tighter loan rules. At the higher end of this range it is possible to buy something for less than 300,000 but the available stock in that range is limited. [No] It is the american dream to own a home, there will be a way to purchase a home if someone is willing work and save. [No] They may not be able to choose any neighborhood, but there are affordable properties. Still less affordable than neighboring towns. [Yes] But there already is enough “affordable” and low income housing in Newport already…the highest proportion in the State…18%. The average wage owner with kids probably doesn’t look […]


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January Survey; 3 Questions, 3 minutes, tell us what you think!

Anyone can take this survey! Please share with your friends. We encourage every Newport Resident to participate. CLICK HERE >> January 2013 ALN »  


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Newport This Week writes: “Online Survey Solicits Residents’ Opinions” December 28, 2012  – By Meg O’Neil The community-interest group Alliance for a Livable Newport has announced that it will conduct monthly email and Facebook surveys to get feedback on what’s going on in the city, including several major projects that will affect residents of Aquidneck Island. Anyone, from any town, who accesses the group’s website or Facebook page online can respond to the surveys. Approximately 90 people responded to the first survey, which contained three questions – about the proposed tolls on the Sakonnet River Bridge, the Broadway improvement construction slated for 2013, and the wind turbine ordinance recently passed by the Newport City Council. Only the toll question requested a “Yes” or “No”  response; the other two questions solicited comments only. One of the biggest local issues of 2012 has been the prospect of Sakonnet River Bridge tolls. After the state Department of Transportation turned over responsibility for the Sakonnet River and Jamestown bridges to the state Turnpike & Bridge Authority, the Authority announced that in order to maintain Aquidneck Island’s four-bridge system (including the Pell and Mount Hope Bridges), it would have to either raise the toll on the Pell Bridge to $5 or add new tolls on the Sakonnet […]


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Survey Results – December 2012 “3 Questions, 3 Minutes”

Survey Summary can be seen online: The individual survey responses will be shown on separate pages to encourage feedback and comments. Please COMMENT below, or share on Facebook and Twitter!


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3 Questions, 3 Minutes, Tell us what you think!

  Greetings! You have a voice in the community!  We want to hear from you about the important issues and concerns affecting our quality of life in Newport. Beginning this month, and each month in 2013, we will ask for your input and feedback with a simple survey of issues selected by the Board of Directors of The Alliance for a Livable Newport. We will also share the results of the survey and publish them online.  Do you have additional questions, concerns or suggestions? Please let us know! Take this survey Thank you for participating in this month’s survey! We really appreciate your feedback. Please be sure and visit our Facebook page where you can also post your comments!  We will be announcing exciting new Public Forums for 2013 soon, so stay connected, engaged and informed with The Alliance for A Livable Newport on our website: *Please share this survey with your neighbors! We’d like to hear from as many Newport residents as possible and are actively seeking greater participation and new members! Sincerely, Ronald Becker, Treasurer Alliance for a Livable Newport    


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No Back-In Parking for Broadway Streetscape Project

The Newport City Council voted to receive a recommendation from City Manager Jane Howington to keep parking in the Broadway Streetscape Project front-in angle parking during Wednesday night’s meeting. City staff conducted a feasibility investigation on implementing back-in angle parking. A report, provided by the Louis Berger Group, recommended that parking should remain as initially designed for several reasons. According to the report, there have only been an average of 2.5 angle  parking accidents on Broadway. The report also cited public resistance to back-in parking, especially from the elderly, could be problematic. Instances from Brunswick, ME and Plattsburg, NY, were also cited in the report, where communities adopted and later reversed back-in angle parking after negative publicity. Confusion between traditional parking near Washington Square was also a concern. A redesign of the Broadway Streetscape Project to incorporate back-in parking was estimated at about $49,500 in additional costs.  Modifications required in the redesign included changes to the roadway design, landscaping design, street lighting  and utility design, storm water design and traffic design. Regarding scheduling implications, the redesign would have required four weeks  to implement the changes. Bari George, of Bike Newport, told the city council despite the concerns, she hoped the […]


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