ALN Issues Apology Letter for Casino Forum

Letter to the Editor for Isabel Griffith, President of the Alliance for a Livable Newport.

To the Editor,

Father Eugene McKenna
far right; Father Eugene McKenna

On September 13, Alliance For A Livable Newport, in keeping with its mission of providing unbiased information on issues of importance to Newport residents, property owners and businesses, sponsored a forum on the Casino Table Games question that will appear on the November election ballot. Our intent was to present a level playing field of information with a speaker in favor of allowing Newport Grand to add table gambling games to their present slot machine gambling, a speaker against the proposal and a third speaker to present an unbiased review of the economic issues.

Two of our three goals were met with Diane Hurley ably presenting the case in favor of expanded gambling and Father Eugene McKenna ably presenting arguments against the expansion. Unfortunately, the third speaker, URI Professor Edward Mazze, presented only the pro-gambling side of the economic picture. That was not our intent and we apologize to our audience, those in the CCRI auditorium and those viewing subsequently on Public Access TV and on ALN’s website, and especially to Father McKenna for putting him at a disadvantage on the forum panel.

On the plus side, the majority of members of the live audience demonstrated through their questions and comments during the Q&A session following the panel’s prepared remarks that they were opposed to any expansion of gambling in Newport. That restored some balance to the evening.

We want to assure ALN’s followers that we will make every effort to maintain a level playing field for critical and controversial issues at future ALN forums.


Isabel Griffith

President, Alliance for a Livable Newport

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Video of Alliance for a Livable Newport (RISC) Forum on Table Games at Newport Grand

Alliance for a Livable Newport (RISC) Forum on Table Games at Newport Grand

Image 01 Forum Introduction
Alliance for a Livable Newport:
Pros and Cons of a Proposed Casino Gaming at Newport Grand
Mr. Michael P. Kehew conducts the forum
Image 01 Panel introduced:
Dr. Edward Mazze – Economic Impact
Ms. Diane Hurley – CEO Newport Grand
Fr. Eugene McKenna – ALN
Image 01 Dr. Mazze addresses the audience regarding the economic impact of gambling in and around Rhode Island.
Image 01 Ms. Diane Hurley presents the history of the Newport Grand and the case for adding table gaming equipment.
Image 01 Father Eugene McKenna presents the history of the Alliance for a Livable Newport and the case against allowing a dedicated gambling facility in Newport.
Image 01Ms. Hurley responds to several of Fr. McKenna’s points pointing out the Self Exclusion Program in place for the benefit of addicted gamblers.Dr. Mazze responds regarding the poor state of employment in RI.
Image 01 Q&A session with the public
Image 01 Question regarding the future vision of the Casino prompted responses from all three members of the panel
Image 01 Session wrap up

Play All Image 01

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