2016 – City of Newport and Rhode Island Candidates List




  1. Jamie Bova
  2. John Florez (Incumbent)
  3. Claude Andrews Lavarre
  4. Justin S. McLaughlin (Incumbent)
  5. Jeanne-Marie Napolitano (Incumbent)
  6. Benjamin S. Kessler
  7. Harry Winthrop
  8. Kimberly L. Shute

WARD 1 COUNCILOR (1 to be elected)

  1. Marco T. Camacho (Incumbent)
  2. Susan D. Taylor

WARD 2 COUNCILOR (1 to be elected)

  1. Lynne Underwood Ceglie (Incumbent)

WARD 3 COUNCILOR (1 to be elected)

  1. Kathryn E. Leonard (Incumbent)

SCHOOL COMMITTEE – AT LARGE (7 to be elected)

  1. Sandra J. Flowers (Incumbent)
  2. Jo Eva Gaines (Incumbent)
  3. Adrienne Clemente Haylor
  4. Thomas S. Phelan
  5. Kathleen M. Silvia (Incumbent)
  6. David C. Hanos, JR. (Incumbent)
  7. Rebecca Bolan  (Incumbent)
  8. Jennifer Jackson
  9. Henry Kniskern
  10. David Carlin
  11. Raymond Gomes
  12. David Eikeland
  13. Francis D. Landry, JR.
  14. Timoth W. Donnelly
  15. Robert Leary
  16. Marci O’ Sullivan
  17. Stephen B. Turcotte

Senate District 12 (1 to be elected)

  1. Lois DiPalma – Democrat (Incumbent)
  2. Richard Rom – Republican
  3. Amy Veri – Republican

Senate District 13 (1 to be elected)

  1. M. Theresa Paiva-Weed (Incumbent)
  2. Sav Rebecci – Filed in Jamestown

House District 75 (1 to be elected)

  1. Lauren H. Carson – Democrat (Incumbent)
  2. Michael Warren Smith – Independent


REP 73 (1 to be elected)

  1. Marvin L. Abney (Incumbent) – Filed 6/28


10 Questions – School Committee Questionnaire

2012 Newport, Rhode Island

School Committee Questionnaire

(October 8, 2012)  Each election year, in its continuing efforts to inform residents of Newport about critical issues impacting our city, ALN Board Members meet and develop a list of questions on what they feel are the most important issues our community is facing. This year our subscribers and members were asked to also submit ideas for the questions. The resulting list of ten questions is posted on our website with responses from the candidates for City Council. In a similar way, questions were developed for School Committee candidates and their responses too are being posted to the ALN website.

ALN hopes that publishing the questionnaires and responses will help our community be more informed at election time.

On October 18, ALN will sponsor a public forum for City Council candidates at 6:30 in City Council chambers. Each candidate for a contested seat will be given the opportunity to make introductory remarks and answer questions prepared for the occasion. We believe seeing the candidates “in action” is important to the voting public.

Please subscribe to our free eNewsletter and make a donation ($10 or more) so that we can continue to this kind of service to the citizens of Newport.

We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at the Forum and hearing your comments and feedback to the online questions and candidate answers on our website.

Our new website encourages you to share this information on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter as well as “comment” on the information.  Anyone can comment, and you have the option to be notified each time a new comment is made on this topic.

*PDF document download button is located at the bottom of the screen below.

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