Survey Question #2 Responses – Short Term Rentals?

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 The summer season has begun! In spite of the fact that Newport has ordinances in many neighborhoods prohibiting rentals of less than a month, there is a growing “underground” business in Newport rentals of a week or less operated by individual homeowners. Are you in favor of short-term rentals in most of Newport’s neighborhoods?
06/03/2013 7581023 [Yes]
Permitting short-term rentals must be combined with better enforcement of regulations reining in excesses of “party houses.”
06/05/2013 7607714 [No]
That is what hotels are for
06/06/2013 7610587 [Yes]
It’s happening anyway. Might as well go with it.
06/06/2013 7611297 [Yes]
why not will bring in more business and taxes
06/06/2013 7611492 [Yes]
short term is probably preferable as it involves people who make a short term commitment..not like the horrible tenant you cannot get rid of! The renters of short term are sometimes I assume family friends…or people who know people…what is the reason to not allow it?
06/06/2013 7610965 [Yes]
It’s happening everywhere. There are websites dedicated to the rental business and no one can stop it. Suggest the city find a way to collect some money from these rentals.
06/06/2013 7611917 [No]
Length of stay is not the issue. Responsible renting is !!! You can rent for a week to quality renters and all is fine. You can rent for a month and have mutiple families or singles rotating use. It is unfair to punish Newport residents with the current unfair rule while all the surrounding towns allow short term renting. What we need to do is clean out the slum landlords in this town who rent to bunches of people whether it’s 1 week or 1 year !!!!
06/06/2013 7613156 [No]
this is not fair to permanenet residents of Newport. Parking is already at a premium in the summer months and this will add to the problem.
06/06/2013 7613351 [Yes]
People should be able to use their property as they see fit. As long as it doesn’t infringe on the neighbors use of their property.
06/06/2013 7613901 [No]
if you ever lived next to a party house you would say “NO” !!
06/06/2013 7620920 [Yes]
Weekly rentals attract families.
06/06/2013 7623827 [No]
If private homes want to rent one and two day rooms- let them meet hotel safetey requirements
06/06/2013 7623705 [No]
Wanted to hit “maybe” but couldn’t get the comment box to pop up. Don’t really think this is a good idea unless it has proper oversight – though it could be a good way to bring in families for weekly vacations. Think this does happen now for special events such as tennis & yachting events. Wish we could enforce the current limits of people who cram into houses especially for the summer.
06/06/2013 7625136 [No]
Devalues our homes. So no.
06/07/2013 7640569 [Yes]
Weekly rentals will bring more tourists to the area which means more revenue for the town
06/07/2013 7641274 [Yes]
We should be able to take advantage of the tourist trade. it seems that the Yachting Center reaps the tourist dollar without providing parking or anything else. why shouldn’t home owners be able to make some extra money if they choose. most party houses are not rented for just a week. homeowners should be held liable if they rent to a group of young party goers.
06/07/2013 7641272 [Yes]
I think this would encourage families to visit Newport. Right now, the people that are renting houses for the summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day) are, for the most part, party houses. Hopefully if we allow weekly rentals, Newport would attract families and less of the summer “party crowd”.
06/08/2013 7652394 [No]
See comment to question 1
06/09/2013 7656513 [Yes]
It”s done throughout Europe with benefit to all.
06/09/2013 7656815 [No]
Parking still remains a problem, especially in the Fifth Ward. Extending short-term leases would lead to more out-of-towners parking in non sticker areas, which are already being used by tourists for free over night parking
06/09/2013 7657348 [Yes]
Since I’m a timeshare investor, I can’t be a hypocrite.
06/09/2013 7657424 [No]
People should be able to do what they want with their homes, however, certain regulations would probably be needed to make it safe for both parties. All homes aren’t kept to the same standard as far as safety is concerned.
06/09/2013 7658208 [Yes]
Why not? Who can take a month off in their life, and why not let pwople make and spend money?
06/09/2013 7659142 [No]
It brings down property value
06/09/2013 7659476 [Yes]
needsmonitoring and regulation, but it is the way the culture is going
06/10/2013 7664441 [No]
I live in the Point where the houses are very close together. Summer rentals are bad enough.
06/10/2013 7664697 [Yes]
It is better to have the short term rentals approved and moderated than to have the same result with no oversight.
06/10/2013 7666770 [Yes]
Good source of $ for paying city taxes. Middletown and Jamestown don’t have such prohibition on rentals. Remove the ordinance entirely, don’t try to get a tax out of the homeowner
06/10/2013 7667528 [Yes]
As long as the city makes some money off of the rentals, and the noise ordinances are enforced.
06/10/2013 7667831 [Yes]
If they bring in more money to the community the better. Stricter noise citations as needed.
06/10/2013 7667750 [Yes]
I’m not sure how the one-month minimum became an ordinance, but I do know that if you own property you want to rent it. That’s one way to recoup costs of living in an expensive city like Newport.
06/10/2013 7668016 [Yes]
Only if they are not rented out to Salve, etc.
06/10/2013 7669094 [No]
I have lived next door to month-long renters. And the same absentee landlord has had different people in the house weekend after weekend. Guests or renters? I can’t say. But each group brought new problems. Given the city’s reputation as a party town, I wouldn’t risk subjecting residents to a new set of problems every weekend. If the city could issue strict guidelines and stick to them, perhaps. But it is hard enough to get police to respond to noise problems now.For the most part, noise and quality of life issues fall on deaf ears.


3 thoughts on “Survey Question #2 Responses – Short Term Rentals?”

  1. Pass this and watch the mayhem. Weekly rentals only benefit landlords. We have weekly rentals allowed in commercial zones where they should be. Residential neighborhoods are not the proper place to have transients. Once it is allowed try closing Pandoras box. What is needed is stronger enforcement of illegal weekly rentals.

  2. Definitely not!! All it takes is having a series of “short term” renters living next to you and you will NEVER support this! We have enough problems up on the hill with summer renters! Why in the world would I want a series of buffoons verses one group of buffoons!

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