Question #2 Responses – January Survey “3 Questions, 3 Minutes”

Know the police salaries and benefits account for much of the money spent. We need foot and bicycle patrols and traffic control and their presence seen downtown in the summer and on Broadway.
If all expenses for police, fire, etc. are included in the figure for funds for public safety then the answer to the previous question would be much higher. The question might have been put more clearly.
New as a community need to demand a halt to police moon-lighting as road-crew traffic flager’s .Crews have there own people to do this type of work and we could utilize there talents in a more productive way.
I don’t know the percentage, but certainly hope it is less than 30%, else we are living in a dangerous city.
I am certain it is an absurd amount. The “pubic safety cabal, as my husband refers to them, seem to be able to hold extract the maximum amount from taxpayers in salary, overtime, benefits and retirement while they take an attitude of superiority not partnership when working with citizens. I hear it over and over again from Newport residents. There is little trust or faith in the services of the NPD, specifically. Yet, we are expected to pay them a premium in the name of “public safety”. Not to mention that we employ far more officers than is necessary for a small, quiet city of our size.
that could be covered in a future forum. someone that handles budget’s for the city could report to us.
I think there need to be more information given to the public on this ratio, and how it compares to other communities similar to Newport but outside of RI. What is a good national benchmark comparison?
I assume the public safety expenditures include salaries and retirement pensions for firefighters and police officers.
I would like to ask our community police to be a bigger presence, particularly in the summer, walking the beat. Daily stopping into places like the Elm St. And VanZandt St piers, walking in neighborhoods and playground areas to ensure kids know they are around. Maybe even expand this community police program.


I also believe the City or ALN or the Neighborhood associations should have annual of bi-annual block parties to ensure neighbors get to know neighbors, young and old intermingle and we strengthen our neighborhoods little by little.

I assume that the allocation breakdown you suggest would be more than how much for police and how much for fire: that it would show how much goes toward providing police and fire safety services in the community and how much goes to fund pensions and other-post-employment-benefits (OPEB); how much goes to fund personnel (including a separate breakdown of overtime) as opposed to equipment and other non-personnel costs. This information is available in the adopted budget, but the impact of certain items isn’t always apparent.


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