NEWPORT, RI POLICE DEPARTMENT – Hurricane Sandy- Information #1

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10/28/2012 2:00 PM Public Information Officer

Hurricane Sandy- Information #1

NEWPORT, RI- This is a Code Red informational message from Newport Emergency Management. The effects from Hurricane Sandy are expected to hit Rhode Island on Monday morning, October 29th. The storm will not pass quickly – the effects of the storm may be felt through mid-week – please plan accordingly. This storm is expected to bring dangerous winds, heavy rains and extremely high seas to our area. Power outages are likely.

Please make preparations to protect your home before the storm makes landfall. All outdoor objects, including trash cans, patio furniture and temporary signs, should be brought indoors or tied down. Homeowners should clear their property of all debris that could damage buildings in strong winds. Cars should be stored in the garage during the storm if possible. City owned parking garages will be open for vehicle storage.

Trash disposal has been suspended until further notice – do not put your containers outside.
To prepare for long term power outages, it is recommended to have three days of emergency supplies that include bottled water, non-perishable foods, flash lights and a battery operated radio. It is also important to keep ice on hand in case the power fails. Don’t forget to make provisions for your pets and animals too.

While not mandatory, now is the time for some Newport residents to prepare for evacuation. Residents living in immediate waterfront areas or areas prone to flooding, should plan now for their evacuation. If you have a place off island to go, it is advisable for you to take advantage of that. There is a potential for bridges to and from Aquidneck Island to be closed as early as Monday morning so plan accordingly.

Please note, if you choose to stay in an area recommended for evacuation, you may be isolated from emergency and rescue personnel.

A Red Cross emergency shelter will be set up at Gaudet Middle School in Middletown for those that may need it beginning at 5pm Sunday night.

Travel on Ocean Drive may be dangerous as the storm approaches. Sections of the road will be closed as early as Sunday evening. Other localized closures will occur as needed.

Please check the official updates on local radio, tv and Newport’s website. As conditions change, further Code Red messages will be provided.

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