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Neighborhood Maps

A key organizing principle of ALN is to coordinate the activities of Newport’s Neighborhood Associations and work to protect and represent their shared interests.

These shared interests come together via our Board of Directors.

The following neighborhoods are represented on the ALN Board:

  • The North End
  • The Point
  • Off Broadway
  • Top of the Hill
  • Historic Hill
  • Bellevue/Ochre point
  • Castle Hill

ALN believes a strong, formalized Neighborhood Association is the BEST way to address hyper-local issues and to provide constructive input to our City Council and Administration regarding problems and opportunities in their respective neighborhood. And please note: Neighborhood Associations with formal by-laws usually define their boundaries in their by-laws.

Strong Neighborhood Associations get things done in the City of Newport. For more information about how to form a neighborhood association, ask ALN. We want to help.


The original premise for this page was to convey the boundaries of the neighborhoods as they were or are locally perceived or understood. They are not census tracts, voting districts, etc.  They are best termed “tribal boundaries.” (For example, the term “Fifth Ward” is often used, although legally there is no such thing.)

There are three official wards, each represented by an elected City Council member. The Wards are numbered One, Two and Three. Their boundaries exist but are difficult to find. If you don’t know your Ward or your Ward Councilor, best contact the Newport Canvassing Office at (401) 845-5384.

This map is at least ten years old and so some of the neighborhoods no longer are represented by formal Neighborhood Associations – Kerry Hill, Golden Hill. A currently active neighborhood association, Bellevue/Ochre Point, is not on the map.

To find out more about the existing Neighborhood Associations, click on the “pin” for additional information and contacts.

  • Zoom in or Out – Pan left and Right –

  • Mouse over Map Pointers for Neighborhood Details

  • MAPS: READ CAVEATS BELOW *The MAPS below are “general neighborhood boundaries” as described by “neighbors”. These are not official or recognized boundaries. If you have suggested edits or corrections, please send an email to info@newportalliance.org/

View Newport Alliance Neighborhood Map 2012 in a larger map

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