Needed: wise Newport citizens willing to serve on Newport Zoning Board of Review

There is an immediate opening on the Zoning Boardand only one candidate currently available.

  • There are openings coming up on several other Newport boards & commissions.
  • Anyone who has served on a Newport board, this is a rewarding exercise in citizenship, as well as a good way of learning more about how our City functions, and about all of its neighborhoods.
  • Please consider the need for wise heads on the Zoning Board, and either volunteer or spread the word.
  • Board and Commission members are appointed by the City Council and applications are handled through the Mayor’s Office.
  • Contact Raphe Sciola to learn more at 845-5437 or email: .
  • The application form is also available on the City’s website: .

3 thoughts on “Needed: wise Newport citizens willing to serve on Newport Zoning Board of Review”

  1. Thank you ALN for doing this. I don’t think the City does enough to make available positions known. I hope that ALN continues to regularly post openings to encourage participation.

  2. Could you please post your source for this information? I called the Mayor’s office for info, as suggested, and was told in no uncertain terms by Pat Fay that there is no vacancy currently on the Zoning Board. I’m going to fill out the application form and submit my professional resume anyway, since if ALN’s info is correct, I wouldn’t want to miss my chance. Thanks!

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