City of Newport seeks public input on capital improvement program planning document.

Five-Year Capital Improvement Program

Five-Year Capital Improvement Program

The City has a rolling five-year plan for capital improvements. Capital improvements include facilities, infrastructure (road, water, sewer and bridge), major equipment replacement, land purchase or large asset acquisition.This initiative is in the planning phase. Any documents that are included within this project are planning documents only, not financial documents.

For more information about how your input will be used, please click here.





2 thoughts on “City of Newport seeks public input on capital improvement program planning document.”

  1. As a lay person, I feel unqualified to participate in the survey, but feel that dealing with waste water, storm surge and rising sea levels is the most pressing concern for Newport. Thanks.

    • Katharine Janes; Anyone can take this simple survey…it’s designed to simply get feedback and input from residents of the city no matter what their background, experience, education, ability, etc. You can’t mess it up by answering a few questions…but what’s most important, is that you as a concerned citizen and resident of Newport know that your voice, your opinion, your concerns matter! Please try to take the survey! If you find it’s too difficult, the questions unclear, please let us know! Also, please encourage your friends and neighbors in the community to do the same! You can also express your concerns on our Facebook page or in an email to The Alliance for a Livable Newport

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