Board and Advisors

The ALN Board Members are volunteers actively involved in many Newport organizations and activities, including our neighborhood associations. This background informs our discussion of the five areas of focus.  (updated June 5, 2016)

At-Large Directors

  • Ron Becker – Co-President
  • Isabel Griffith – Co-President
  • John Hirschboeck – Co-President
  • Roger Wells – At Large
  • John McCain – At Large
  • Tom Hockaday – At Large

Neighborhood Association Representative Directors

  • Bill Harrington, Top of the Hill
  • Laurice Shaw , The Point
  • Jim Moore, Bellevue/Ochre Point
  • Amanda Ward, Historic Hill
  • Martha Hunnewell, Castle Hill
  • Adam Donahue, Off Broadway
  • Chip Leakas, North End
  • Keith Tavares – Business Community representative

Neighborhood Association Representative Directors are selected by their respective
Associations and appointed by the At-Large Directors.

Advisory Board

  • Lauren Carson
  • Paul Watters
  • Mike Cullen
  • George Herchenroether
  • Win Smith
  • Jane Timken
  • Dave Wixted
  • Jody Sullivan
  • Glenn Whisler
  • Rico Santi
  • Ann Zvanovec
  • Bonnie Kniskern

The Advisory Board consists of past ALN presidents plus others appointed by the