August 31st! 5pm! Emmanuel Church – Newport Trees, Parks & Open Space Master Plan,

The Newport Open Space Partnership, which is orchestrating a year-long project to create a Newport Trees, Parks & Open Space Master Plan, would like to invite you and/or other members of the your organizations to participate in an upcoming meeting for Friends and Neighborhood Groups.

Subcommittee Focus Groups Aug 31  (Click to download pdf)


We are very sensitive of the fact that your time is in short supply. If you would like to stay apprised of the project, even if you are not available for the kickoff meeting on August 31, please let me know. We will add you to the listserve and keep you posted via email as the project progresses.


As noted in the attached draft agenda for the full day of subcommittee meetings on August 31, these “preliminary discussions will shape the goals for the Master Plan and provide the planning team with a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges of Newport’s parks, open spaces, and trees, and their community setting.”Your feedback in the early stages of this project can truly make a difference in the final outcome a year from now!




Monday, August 31, 2015

5pm – 6:30pm

Emmanuel Church

40 Dearborn Street, Newport

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