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Issue Proposal


New public issues can be presented to the ALN Board by any Newport resident for consideration of ALN involvement in the following manner.

Step 1: Prepare an Issue Proposal.

• Describe the issue in detail, including background, current status, short-range

goals and long-range goals.

• Identify all groups and individuals involved with the issue, including the role each


• Specify what role ALN is expected to play and explain why ALN’s involvement

is appropriate.

Step 2: Bring the Issue Proposal to the ALN Board for consideration.

• Send the Issue Proposal to the ALN President and Secretary (preferably by

electronic copy to info@livablenewport.net ).

• The ALN Secretary will add the Proposal to the agenda for the next Board

meeting; send copies to Board Members and post a copy on the ALN website.

(Note: In time-critical situations, the Secretary, with the agreement of the

President, may call a special meeting of the ALN Board to consider the Proposal.)

• Following discussion at the ALN meeting, the Board may request additional

information, postpone a vote on the Proposal for a future meeting or vote then to

accept or reject the Proposal. The Board will take into consideration its mandate

to be an unbiased resource for all residents and will take positions on city-wide

issues only when it is clearly in the best interests of a majority of residents.

Once the ALN Board approves an Issue for ALN involvement

• The Board will delegate primary responsibility for the Issue to a Board Member

and designate another Board Member as his/her back-up.

• The responsible Board Member will form a sub-committee (non-ALN members

may be included) to work on the project, develop an action plan and estimate any

financial requirements. The action plan and financial estimates must be approved

by the Board before any action is taken.

• The responsible Board Member will provide progress updates at all ALN Board

Meetings and Open Meetings. Any changes from the approved action plan and

expense estimate must be approved by the Board.

• A decision to take a position on an Issue must be approved by two-thirds

(2/3) majority vote of the full Board of Directors. Any position papers, letters,

newspaper articles or other publications that will represent ALN’s position to the

public must be reviewed in advance and approved by the ALN Board (See

Guidelines for Public Statements.)


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