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Agency Cooperation


ALN’s involvement with other organizations will be consistent with its strategic purposes and plans.

Other organization’s announcements will not be forwarded to ALN members electronically or posted on the ALN website unless such announcements are directly related to an issue that ALN has adopted for consideration.

1 thought on “Agency Cooperation”

  1. You are invited to sign up for a new, faster community-powered alerting
    tool that’s designed to get make you more aware of Newport public
    safety issues.

    To sign-up for NewportReady alerting, just point your browser to
    http://eepurl.com/jRQFz and provide at least an email address.

    The list may be used by city authorities and NewportReady during
    incidents and events requiring prompt notification and your potential


    Neighbors Helping Neighbors
    Signup for NewportReady alerts: http://eepurl.com/jRQFz

    Important: This citizen-driven alerting capability does not replace
    official City of Newport alerting systems such as CodeRed but is meant
    to facilitate the flow of information earlier during an event to allow
    neighborhood partners to plan and react.

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