Petition Signatures – CRC – July 2014

Sign the Petition – asking Newport City Council to allow voters to decide ward representation issues.


We believe that the Newport City Council should reconsider its initial decision and allow for the Charter Review Commission recommendations regarding the number of Wards in the city and the way School Committee members are elected to be voted on this November.  If you agree, please join us and sign the petition to the Newport Rhode Island City Council to allow voters to decide ward representation issues.

To: Members of the City Council of Newport, RI
From: Citizens of Newport, RI
Re: City Council decision not to allow certain recommendations from the Charter Review Commission to be placed on the ballot (Changes related to Sections 2-1; 3-4; 3-7; and 8-2 of the Charter)

As organizations and individuals that work with citizens and groups all across Newport, we wish to express our disappointment and disagreement with the City Council’s decision in its meeting on July 9th with regard to the recommendations provided by the Charter Review Commission (CRC).   We feel that that decision by the council to reject four of the CRC’s recommendations concerning the number of ward versus at large council seats and the application of wards to the School Committee and not allow these recommendations to go in front of the voters on the ballot this November was wrong, and respectfully ask that you reconsider that decision in your meeting on July 23rd, and vote to allow the CRC’s recommendations to be placed on the November election ballot for the citizens to decide.

We believe that the work of the CRC was too important and too thorough to be rejected so quickly – and without much in the form of a public discussion.  At the July 9th Council meeting, limiting any public comments to just the beginning of the Council’s discussions on the CRC’s recommendation set a tone for limited input – especially by prohibiting public input and discussion as Council dealt with the recommendations and voted on key amendments.  We feel this was not only wrong, but denied the public an ability to have these issues properly vetted.

Latest Signatures
179C. Andrews LavarreNewport, RI02840Aug 14, 2014
178George Brian SullivanNewport, Rhode Island02840Jul 28, 2014
177Annamarue RingheimNewport, RI02840Jul 27, 2014
176Judith PaulNewport, RI02840Jul 25, 2014
175barbara reecenewport, ri01840Jul 24, 2014
174Stephen LudwigNewport , RI02840Jul 24, 2014
173Lisabeth WilliamsNewport, RI02840Jul 24, 2014
172Robert MensonNewport, RI02840Jul 24, 2014
171Cynthia LaffertyNewport, Rhode Island02840Jul 23, 2014
170Matthew KupinskiNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
169Sue OndrickNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
168Lynne ann VillaniNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
167William KimesNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
166Martha HunnewellNewport, Ri02850Jul 23, 2014
165Susan DalyNewport , RI02840Jul 23, 2014
164Merry PrestonNewport, RI02840-1535Jul 23, 2014
163Rowena DeryNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
162Catherine JenningsNewport, Rhode Island02840Jul 23, 2014
161Richard A BakerNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
160Jennifer JacksonNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
159joseph crawshawnewport, ri02840Jul 23, 2014
158Annette Leiderman RaiskyNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
157Charles WeisharNewport, RI02840-3105Jul 23, 2014
156Robert FerreiraNewport, Rhode Island02840-1741Jul 23, 2014
155Aida Neary02840Jul 23, 2014
154Frank RayNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
153Patricia MossNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
152Aedan GleesonNewport, Rhode Island02840Jul 23, 2014
151Susan PowersNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
150Mary WixtedNewport, Ri02840Jul 23, 2014
149victoria roachnewport, Rhode Island02840Jul 23, 2014
148Ken YellisNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
147Jo YellisNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
146Maggie StansfieldNewport, Ri 02840Jul 23, 2014
145Maridel AllenNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
144Barbara BessetteNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
143Frank LandryNewport, ri02840Jul 23, 2014
142John FlorezNewport , Rhode Island02840Jul 23, 2014
141Richard ThursbyNewport, Rhode Island02840Jul 23, 2014
140Roy OmoriNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
139Betty Ann MorrisNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
138Ann SouderNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
137John BroughanNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
136Neil CoughlanNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
135Charles FlippoNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
134Paul WattersNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014
133Bernice JasperNewport, RI)2840Jul 23, 2014
132Mark TagliabueNewport, Rhode Island02840Jul 23, 2014
131Elizabeth AlisonNewport, R02840Jul 23, 2014
130Michael de PinhoNewport, RI02840Jul 23, 2014

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