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New Office of the President – ALN Reorganizes Executive Responsibilities

TO: ALN SUBSCRIBERS FROM: ALN OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT RE: ALN OFFICERS DATE: JULY 16, 2013 The Executive Officers of ALN have reorganized executive responsibilities for the organization into a new Office of the President. As was noted in the memorandum sent to you last month announcing our membership drive, the past few years have seen a decline in the number of individuals willing to volunteer significant time and effort to sustain the organization. That has resulted in more and more demands on the time of ALN’s president, to the point where that position has become unreasonably burdensome. Our solution to this problem is the creation of an Office of the President, which combines the responsibilities of the president, vice president and secretary, sharing them equally among three individuals. For legal and financial reporting reasons, Ron Becker has been designated president, John Hirschboeck has the title of vice president and Isabel Griffith has the title of secretary. However, actual executive responsibilities will be distributed equally among them. Ron Becker will continue as treasurer. For the future, ALN will sponsor a forum only if at least two volunteers step forward to take responsibility for the planning and implementation of the forum. […]


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ALN July Survey – “3 Questions, 3 Minutes”


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