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Clean City Program Announces Earth Day Cleanup Events

Newport residents can volunteer at one of 12 cleanup events in Newport this Earth Day. Newport Mayor Harry F. Winthrop and the Newport Public Services Department’s Clean City Program would like to invite Newport area residents to volunteer for one of the 12 litter cleanup events happening for Newport’s 2013 Earth Day celebration, which is also part of Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup. The Clean City Program will be providing gloves, bags and a thank you gift for volunteers. City staff will also pick up the bags of litter for the Earth Day cleanups in Newport. Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation is waiving all disposal fees associated with litter collected during Earth Day cleanups and Waste Management Newport will also assist in the pickup of the litter. “We are fortunate that Newport has such dedicated volunteers,” said Mayor Harry F. Winthrop. “The City of Newport is appreciative of any assistance you can provide in keeping our city clean.” Earth Day is Monday, April 22. A majority of the City of Newport’s Earth Day events will take place on Saturday, April 13 and, with such, invites all residents to participate in any of the scheduled cleanups when they might be […]


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MARCH 23 9:30 AM – 11: 00 AM Free Forum – League of Women Voters

THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS® OF NEWPORT COUNTY, RHODE ISLAND FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS SPONSORING NEWPORT COUNTY LEGISLATORS FORUM MARCH 23 from 9:30 AM – 11: 00 AM For the first time since the Assembly began its 2013 session, Newport County’s State House delegation will meet as a group with the citizens of Newport County. The meeting, sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Newport County, will take place Saturday, March 23 from 9:30 – 11:00 am at the Potter League for Animals, 87 Oliphant Lane in Middletown. To date legislators attending are: Sen. Louis DiPalma, Sen. Christopher Ottiano, Sen. Teresa Paiva Weed,Rep. Marvin Abney, Rep.Canario, Rep. John Edwards, Rep. Linda Finn and Rep. Peter Martin. League member Patty MacLeish will moderate the forum. Legislators will open the program with a brief statement about their priorities for this legislative session. There will be questions prepared by the League on issues such as ethics, education, gun control, as well as questions from the audience. In the past, these events have offered lively conversation and a valuable exchange of ideas between legislators and their constituents. This event is free and open to the public.  For more information contact Susan Wells, 846-9537.


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March Survey Question #3 “Affordable Housing”

Scroll down to see all survey responses…   [Yes] Unless the $40-60,000 family is capable of putting a significant downpayment, their income will be stretched to the breaking point by mortgage, property tax, utilities and general maintenance. [No] If the average price for a home in Newport is $350,000 there should be plenty of homes for less than that…some even in the $150,000 range, affordable on an income of $50,000. True, a family would have to save up for the down payment. [Yes] I suspect this is true. It is a combination of market values, and tighter loan rules. At the higher end of this range it is possible to buy something for less than 300,000 but the available stock in that range is limited. [No] It is the american dream to own a home, there will be a way to purchase a home if someone is willing work and save. [No] They may not be able to choose any neighborhood, but there are affordable properties. Still less affordable than neighboring towns. [Yes] But there already is enough “affordable” and low income housing in Newport already…the highest proportion in the State…18%. The average wage owner with kids probably doesn’t look […]


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March Survey Question #2 “Pay as you throw”

Scroll down to see all survey responses…   [Yes] It is a financial necessity and experience of other cities show it adds efficiencies. [Yes] I’m in favor if it will save the city money. I don’t mind paying taxes!!! But, I want really good service for my bucks. [No] do not know how this works. but since my taxes now pay for this, why would i make a second payment for the same service? [No] Low income families will be unable to afford the program, which means taxpayers will absorb the cost. We will be paying more not less. [No] We pay high enough taxes. Trash pick up is a necessary municipal service. City doesn’t pick up trash in condos. Condo Associations have to pay for their own. That seems unfair and frankly discriminatory. Condo owners pay taxes to the City. [Yes] Only if it means a better recycling system [No] People who don’t or can’t pay will either dump their trash or abuse of the city trash barrels. Instead, why not limit households to a certain volume of trash, and pay for the removal of the extra load. [No] Unless a reduction in taxes resulted. [No] Our taxes should […]


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March Survey Question #1 How would you rate the snow removal efforts of the City of Newport?

Scroll down to read all survey responses… [Satisfactory] Although clearance of main streets was done efficiently, some smaller neighborhood streets were not plowed adequately. [Satisfactory] Road plowing initially good but too much time and energy wasted later when plows come back and shove snow into driveways and onto sidewalks. STOP plowing earlier to save money and avoid homeowner anger. [Poor ] days following big storms the only streets in good shape are the most heavily traveled. neighborhood streets are typically either not plowed at all or just given one shot at the beginning of a storm and then forgotten. [Unacceptable] Plows don’t always plow all of Harrison Ave.; they stop at the school and don’t go farther east. What is logic to that? Downtown is sometimes hazardous to walk in because merchants don’t all clear their sidewalks. They lose customers that way. [Satisfactory] THe last storm was a difficult one to clear. The city did not do as good a job as they have for previous storms but they did what they could when they could. [Satisfactory] With the number of car and the size of most streets the city does it’s best. [Poor ] They do not enforce sidewalk […]


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