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Archive for February, 2013

2/28 @ 6pm – Help us envision Newport as a 21st Century Technology City

Information Technology and Fiber Optic Broadband  The City of Newport’s Information Technology Working Group would like to invite you to its first Information Technology Panel Discussion and Public Comment Where: Firehouse Theater – 4 Equality Park, Newport, RI When: Thursday, February 28th, 6 to 7:30 pm Learn about: What is a gigabit City? What is the economic benefit? How will this help Newport’s future? What initiatives are under way and what ideas should we pursue? Panel Participants:   RI Dept of Admin, Office of Digital Excellence, CDO, Tom Guertin OSHEAN CEO, David Marble Middletown IT Director, Matt Wainwright The Preservation Society of Newport County, John Rodman Open Cape Project, CEO, Dan Vortherms   Raphe A. Sciola Administrative Assistant Offices of the Mayor and City Manager NEWPORT CITY HALL 43 Broadway Newport, RI 02840 Phone: (401) 845-5437 Fax:     (401) 845-2510    


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Posted by NewportAlliance - February 20, 2013 at 9:27 am

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Question #3 Responses – January Survey “3 Questions, 3 Minutes”

use money that is being collected by the state on tourism in including meals & beverages as well has hotel rooms. Newport recieves very little of those taxes back from the state currently. They SHOULD put a toll on the new bridge. However for those who think they shouldn’t have to pay, the other bridge should be left in place with free passage. No maintenance should be done on the old bridge, because the users don’t believe they should pay for anything. Eventually the old bridge will collapse. Anyone using the bridge when it collapses will be barred from suing the state, because they knowingly took the risk. They could have paid a couple of bucks and enjoyed a safe, well maintained bridge. Also, once the old bridge collapses, the anti-toll idiots will be encouraged to set up a private ferry, which, based on their foolish logic, will also somehow be free. There has to be enough in the general fund to cover lots of other things, since bridge maintenance is easy to put off when the budget is tight. That’s what happened to the previous bridge. Sales and income taxes would have to go up to reach that goal, […]


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Posted by NewportAlliance - February 3, 2013 at 2:03 pm

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Question #2 Responses – January Survey “3 Questions, 3 Minutes”

Know the police salaries and benefits account for much of the money spent. We need foot and bicycle patrols and traffic control and their presence seen downtown in the summer and on Broadway. If all expenses for police, fire, etc. are included in the figure for funds for public safety then the answer to the previous question would be much higher. The question might have been put more clearly. New as a community need to demand a halt to police moon-lighting as road-crew traffic flager’s .Crews have there own people to do this type of work and we could utilize there talents in a more productive way. I don’t know the percentage, but certainly hope it is less than 30%, else we are living in a dangerous city. I am certain it is an absurd amount. The “pubic safety cabal, as my husband refers to them, seem to be able to hold extract the maximum amount from taxpayers in salary, overtime, benefits and retirement while they take an attitude of superiority not partnership when working with citizens. I hear it over and over again from Newport residents. There is little trust or faith in the services of the NPD, specifically. Yet, we […]


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Posted by NewportAlliance - February 3, 2013 at 1:51 pm


Question #1 Responses – January Survey “3 Questions, 3 Minutes”

Question #1: Safety in the schools is a hot issue in the aftermath of continuing gun violence in public places. What plans would you support to insure the safety in public schools and other public places? Answer Count Percent 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 1. Locked doors; armed security guards 30 16.48% 2. Mandatory defense training for all teachers and school staff 30 16.48% 3. Outlaw automatic weapons, assault rifles, and magazines/clips holding more than 10 rounds; and make background checks mandatory for all gun sales 95 52.20% 4. Other 27 14.84% Total 182 100% Metal detectors; but no armed guards, please. This is a very rare event. Kids are just as likely to get struck by lightning at a football game (it does happen). RI has a high level of gun control. I think we are doing all we reasonably can. I do not think we need armed guards and training of school staff should be of a preventative nature – they should not be armed, but nonlethal items such as mace and tear gas maybe necessary. Each school should have an emergency plan and conduct drills so everyone knows what to do in event of an attack. Every […]


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Posted by NewportAlliance - February 3, 2013 at 1:33 pm


New 240′ Pier at Fort Adams for SS Oliver Hazard Perry

Community Weighs in on New Pier at Fort Adams RIDEM held a public workshop to discuss a proposed 240-foot fixed pier at Fort Adams on Wednesday night. By Cara Kenefick  (read more on Patch) City and Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management officials, along with members of the public met at City Hall on Wednesday night for a workshop to discuss the proposed fixed pier at Fort Adams State Park. The 240-foot pier and wave fence would be constructed north of the Alofsin piers near the Visitor’s Center.  The project is a part of Phase III out of IV in the improvement and renovation of Fort Adams.   Spurred by the necessity to revamp the site to accommodate special events, such as last summer’s America’s Cup races, the Fort has undergone repaving and drastically upgrading its facilities. The final phase will be to realign the roads within the park to accommodate bicycle and pedestrian traffic. RIDEM officials said the project will be funded through capital funds and will benefit not only the park, but Newport and the state as well. Having the new pier will enhance public access to the waterfront, expand the capabilities of the water taxi service while also reducing […]


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Posted by NewportAlliance - February 1, 2013 at 7:37 am

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